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To cut red tape and reduce assessment time frames, the Heritage Council of NSW has delegated a range of regulatory functions to City of Sydney Council.

Local Council: City of Sydney Council Heritage Act 1977 Delegation

The Heritage Councilā€™s delegation allows City of Sydney Council to grant exemptions or approvals for changes to State Heritage Register listed places where the works would not have a major adverse impact ā€“ or materially affect ā€“ the important heritage values.

The Heritage Council of NSW will continue to determine applications that impact state significant archaeology and historic shipwrecks. However, the Heritage Council of NSW will collaborate with the City of Sydney Council in the assessment and determination of applications which have a relatively minor archaeological component. The City of Sydney Council will not exercise delegation for archaeological exceptions (s139), or excavation permits (s140 or 144(b)).

From 1 September 2020 the delegated functions will be formally activated, that is City of Sydney Council now assess and determine applications under the Heritage Act 1977.

Please refer to our FAQ Sheet for information about Stage 1 of the implementation.

Information about exclusions from this delegation is set out in our Excluded sites and State Agency Delegations Fact Sheet.

Download the Instrument of Delegation document.