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Community consultation

The Heritage Council of NSW, together with the City of Sydney, is consulting with the community on the future heritage conservation of Millers Point and Dawes Point Village Precinct. Here are the comments and recommendations to date.

The Millers Point and Dawes Point Village Precinct is listed on the State Heritage Register.

This is an important and unique heritage precinct where remnants of early times are found amongst the modern city streets. Pubs, churches, archaeological sites and houses all evoke memories of past lives, past ways and our stories. From the rough-cut sandstone walls of the Hero of Waterloo pub, to the remaining merchants’ houses and glimpses of the harbour over rooftops, there is so much to be celebrated.

We are consulting with the community on ways to conserve the heritage values of the properties within this historic precinct for current and future generations while providing modern amenity. We also acknowledge the need for further clarity to guide the changes that owners can make to these properties.  

We are working with the City of Sydney to achieve this clarity by leading discussions about the community’s vision for the heritage precinct and developing guidelines to guide decisions on future changes.

Community Consultation Update

The consultation commenced in April 2021 and involved a range of online and face-to-face opportunities to participate.  The online engagement included a survey and interactive online mapping tool, which was open for five weeks. In addition to letters, information was provided on the Heritage NSW website and shared through e-newsletters and social media.

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Community members were asked to express interest for a series of workshops to explore the management of the heritage of the area.  Multiple workshops were held in May and June 2021 to discuss the community’s vision for the heritage conservation of the precinct.

The results of the community consultation activities have been documented in the following reports:

Next Steps

Response to these recommendations is currently being prepared and will be shared with the community. These recommendations will inform the next steps of this project.  These will include creation of a draft vision statement for the heritage conservation of this precinct and development of draft heritage design guidelines to provide further clarity on changes property owners can make to their properties. Community’s feedback will be taken into consideration prior to finalising these documents.

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