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Heritage NSW

Our people are highly experienced and dedicated to celebrating, sharing and conserving the heritage of NSW.

Heritage NSW is part of Environment and Heritage Group in the Department of Planning and Environment. We work closely with the community to know, value and care for our heritage and are responsible for delivering a range of functions relating to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultural heritage.

We are guided by the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Advisory Council (ACHAC) and the Heritage Council of NSW, bodies appointed by the Minister, to reflect a cross-section of community, government and conservation expertise. 

Our work includes administering the Heritage Act 1977, supporting heritage owners in managing their heritage, working with Aboriginal communities on Aboriginal Places declarations, repatriations and site conservation, managing the State Heritage Register, promoting community awareness and value of heritage and administering heritage grants.

  • Working with communities to help them identify their important places and objects
  • Managing Aboriginal cultural heritage
  • Providing guidance on how to look after heritage items
  • Assess applications for changes to State heritage listed places under Heritage Council delegation
  • Supporting community heritage projects through funding and advice
  • Maintaining the NSW State Heritage Inventory, an online database of statutory listed heritage items in NSW
  • Administering the State Heritage Register, which lists items of particular importance to the people of NSW
  • Managing the underwater cultural heritage of NSW under the Commonwealth Underwater Cultural Heritage ACT 2018 and Heritage Act 1977 (NSW).

A map of Heritage NSW locations

We have dedicated staff working in various regions and offices across NSW. 

Our staff have a range of specialist heritage backgrounds, including architecture, conservation, history, planning and Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Environment and Heritage Division, Department of Planning and Environment

As part of the Environment and Heritage Group we have a shared responsibility for driving better outcomes across government by ensuring culture and diversity remain front and centre in the NSW community to improve the lives for citizens across NSW . 

There are five branches within the Group: 

The way we work

  • As public servants, we uphold the values of integrity, trust, service and accountability in all we do
  • We lead through respect, openness and collaboration
  • We champion rigorous, transparent and evidence-based decisions
  • We influence the whole system to create the best collective outcomes

The key behaviours we value

  • Community responsiveness - We engage with a diverse range of community members to provide an honest, responsive and respectful service
  • Staff focused - We support our people to become a highly effective and flexible workforce. We aim to provide a safe and interesting place to work
  • Collaborative - We work collaboratively across DPC and with our external partners to apply our knowledge and expertise to deliver on the Government’s goals and priorities
  • Outcome-focused - Through our core programs and services we seek to achieve the best possible environment and heritage outcomes for the people of NSW.