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ACHAC Business Plan

The Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee (ACHAC) was established in 2006 to advise the Minister and Department on matters relating to identification, assessment and management of Aboriginal cultural heritage in NSW.

Our Mission

Healthy Country cared for and respected by all people, maintaining Aboriginal people’s spiritual and physical connection from the past to the present and into the future.

Our Purpose

We build an awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal cultural heritage and its benefits for Aboriginal custodians and the broader community. We ensure Aboriginal cultural heritage is protected and respected and we promote its value to the NSW government, community and our visitors.

Our Members

Committee members have diverse knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture and heritage. This knowledge is unique because it comes from their own experiences of working on Country in their local communities. Our membership reflects the diversity of the Aboriginal population of NSW.

What we do

  • Look, listen, learn and then lead
  • Advise government on future changes to policy and legislation
  • Be a voice for the diverse Aboriginal people of NSW
  • Promote and advocate for self-determination
  • Raise the profile of Aboriginal culture and heritage
  • Promote the value of Aboriginal culture and Indigenous principles within the broader Australian society
  • Monitor the delivery and effectiveness of Aboriginal cultural heritage programs in NSW


  • Increased participation of Aboriginal people in the identification and protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage, biodiversity and spiritual values in relation to land and water.
  • Increased participation of Aboriginal people in the management and protection of Country and cultural heritage.
  • Develop policies to support Aboriginal land owners and land managers to manage their lands for socio-economic, cultural and environmental outcomes.

Key strategic priorities

Our most fundamental priority is the reform of the legislation governing Aboriginal cultural heritage. We want to see:

  • Broader recognition of Aboriginal cultural heritage values
  • Decision-making by Aboriginal people
  • Better information management
  • Improved protection, management and conservation of Aboriginal cultural heritage
  • Greater confidence in the regulatory system

We whole heartedly support self determination for Aboriginal people. It is paramount in our role to ensure Aboriginal people in NSW are provided with the legal framework to make decisions about their own social, cultural and economic needs.

Image credits

Banner: Cromer Heights Rock Engravings and Shelter Aboriginal Place – David Hoffman, Heritage NSW

Top left: Traditional stone knapping workshop – Heritage NSW

Top right: Young girl in traditional dress, Coffs Harbour, NSW - Kaiya Donovan

Middle left:  Mulgowan (Yappa) Aboriginal Art Site, NSW - Leah Pippos, DPIE

Middle right: Mother and daughter present offerings at a ceremony, Newcastle NSW - Claudine Van Massenhove (Shutterstock)

Bottom left: Young man with boomerang - NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet - photographer Jeremy Piper

Bottom right: Smoking ceremony - Bottlebrush Media