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Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee

The Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee advises the Minister on matters relating to Aboriginal Cultural Heritage in NSW.

We recognise and celebrate the oldest living culture in the world. Through our own collaborative work with Indigenous communities, we strive for a more equitable, respectful and fully reconciled country. We are all In This Together and we all have a role to play when comes to reconciliation.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee, Heritage Council of NSW and Heritage NSW

Role of the Committee

The Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee (ACHAC) was established in 2006 under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974

ACHAC provides advice on Aboriginal cultural heritage issues, including identification, assessment and protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage, heritage impact permit processes, management plans and legislative reform.

See our Terms of Reference

Committee Vision

That Aboriginal peoples Country, culture, physical and spiritual connection to their land and waters is recognised, cared for and respected by all people, today and in the future.

Committee Targets

  • To increase participation of Aboriginal people in management and protection of Country cultural heritage, including joint management of national parks and protection of Aboriginal biodiversity and biological resources and spiritual values in relation to land and water.
  • To develop policies to support Aboriginal land owners and land managers to manage their lands for socio-economic, cultural and environmental outcomes.

How often does the Committee meet?

The Committee meets bi-monthly and may, by resolution, hold one regional meeting per year. Ordinary meetings are otherwise held in the Sydney metropolitan region.

Who administers the Committee?

Heritage NSW provides secretariat services, strategic and logistical support to the Committee.

On behalf of Heritage NSW, the Director will attend Committee meetings in a non-voting advisory and support capacity.

For further information and advice about the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee please contact the Secretariat.