Comment on nominations

Provide comments on State Heritage Register nominations currently being formally considered by the Heritage Council of NSW.

When an item is nominated for listing, the Heritage Council notifies local media and invites property owners and managers, members of the local community, local council, broader stakeholders and members of the public to make a written submission.

See the nominations currently under consideration

Process for submitting comments

  1. View nomination listings and final closing dates:
    • Nominations currently under consideration for listing
    • Items currently under consideration for removal
  2. Click on the item name to view further information about the history and heritage significance held on the online heritage database.
  3. Download the State Heritage Register Criteria. It lists information that outlines different ways an item might be of State heritage significance. The Heritage Council uses these criteria when recommending a final decision to the Minister for Heritage.
  4. Make a written submission before the closing date.

What information should you include in your submission?

Your submission might consider:

  • If the item is or is not of State heritage significance
  • What the advantages and disadvantages will be e.g. reasonable economic use, conservation, financial implications.
  • Additional information such as historical context, diagrams or maps.

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