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Nominate items for State Heritage Register listing

Nominate a State significant heritage item for listing on the State Heritage Register.

This is the Heritage Council of NSW process for nominating items – places, buildings, works, relics, moveable objects and precincts – for listing on the State Heritage Register. Please ensure you read through all steps and the nomination kit before you begin.

The Heritage Council welcomes nominations from anyone, however submitting a nomination does not guarantee listing on the State Heritage Register. 

If you have any questions, contact us via:

Email: heritagemailbox@environment.nsw.gov.au

Phone: (02) 9873 8500

Step 1: Confirm eligibility

Before you complete a nomination, ask yourself the questions below. If you answer yes, you may need to look at other ways to protect your heritage place or object.

Is the item of local significance?

The State Heritage Register is reserved for places and objects that are significant to the entire NSW community.

Places of local significance are more appropriately protected as items listed on a Local Environmental Plan, managed by local government. Contact your local council for information about how to nominate a local heritage item.

Is the item significant to Aboriginal culture?

Places and objects that are important because of their association with Aboriginal cultural heritage may be protected by being declared as an Aboriginal Place or added to the State Heritage Register. 

Please check what is the most appropriate form of protection for your heritage place or object.

Step 2: Undertake research and complete the form

It is essential to research the item you are nominating for potential listing before you submit a nomination. The nominated item must meet at least one of the seven listing criteria set by the Heritage Council.

Review the Heritage Council’s criteria for heritage listing.

Complete the State Heritage Register nomination form using the nomination kit for guidance. 

Incomplete forms, or those with inadequate or insufficient information, may not be accepted for consideration. 

Download the nomination kit

Step 3: Submit the nomination form

Send us your completed State Heritage Register nomination form via: 

Email: heritagemailbox@environment.nsw.gov.au


Heritage NSW - Department of Premier and Cabinet
Locked Bag 5020
Parramatta NSW 2124

What happens next?

Stage 1 - Eligibility and completeness check

Once your nomination is received, we will check if the nominated item is eligible and that you have provided enough information for a preliminary assessment.

Stage 2 - Preliminary assessment

The Heritage Council’s State Heritage Register Committee reviews eligible nominations on a regular basis at its monthly meetings.

The State Heritage Register Committee will decide if your nomination will be progressed to the full assessment stage. To determine which nominations will be progressed to a full assessment, the State Heritage Register Committee considers several factors including whether the nominated item:

  • may be of a State level of heritage significance
  • aligns with Heritage Council priorities (currently First Nations including frontier conflict heritage, and LGBTIQA+ heritage)
  • presents a strategic or important opportunity for listing
  • has been nominated by or supported by the owner
  • is at risk or under threat

Stage 3 - Full assessment 

For those nominations that progress past a preliminary assessment, we will undertake a full assessment in accordance with the statutory listings process under the Heritage Act 1977. This involves consultation with owners and other key stakeholders, historical research, significance assessment, a site visit, a public exhibition period and consideration by the Heritage Council.

Timing and recommendations

The length of time taken for a full assessment depends on several factors including:

  • the number of nominations being progressed
  • the quality of information in the nomination form
  • the time needed for consultation with stakeholders
  • the complexity of the assessment.

The Heritage NSW officer working on your nomination will discuss the statutory listing timeframes and milestones with you during the full assessment stage.

Following a full assessment the Heritage Council may recommend the item for listing to the Minister responsible for administering the Heritage Act 1977. The Minister makes the final decision on whether the item will be listed on the State Heritage Register.

Minister decision

The Minister may direct an item be listed on the NSW State Heritage Register that the Minister considers is of State heritage significance and the Heritage Council has recommended be listed. The Minister must also consider these matters when making a decision:

  • the recommendation of the Heritage Council
  • whether the long-term conservation of the item is necessary
  • whether listing would render the item incapable of reasonable or economic use
  • whether the listing would cause undue financial hardship to the owner, mortgagee or lessee of the item or the land on which the item is situated.

Search the State Heritage Inventory for more information about the items that are included on the State Heritage Register.