Retford Park 2

Current Interim Heritage Orders

An Interim Heritage Order serves to safeguard a place that may be of heritage significance for a temporary period of up to 12 months, providing time to fully assess its heritage significance and determine if a heritage listing is warranted.

Interim Heritage Orders are generally only made if the place is considered to be under immediate or imminent threat of harm.

Interim Heritage Orders may be made by the Minister responsible for administering the Heritage Act 1977 on the advice of the Heritage Council, or by local councils under authorisation.

Anyone may request an Interim Heritage Order. In most cases, a response from the local council will be the most appropriate. Please contact your local council Heritage Advisor or Strategic Planner for advice in the first instance.

For more information please contact Heritage NSW by email at or phone 02 9873 8500 to discuss with a member of staff.