Works application s60 Fast Track

The section 60 fast track pathway is available for works that have (or have the potential to have) a minor impact on the heritage significance of a State Heritage item.

Heritage Management System is coming! Soon you will able to lodge, pay and track these applications online. However there will be a two week transition period when we transfer over to the new system and we won't be able to receive applications during that time. Check the HMS page for more information and updates as the go live date approaches.

The fast track approval pathway is for activities and works:

  • to an item listed on the NSW State Heritage Register or subject to an Interim Heritage Order 
  • that will have little or no adverse impact on the heritage significance of the item, in the opinion of the Heritage Council (or its delegate)
  • that are not listed as an exemption under the Heritage Act 1977 
  • that will not exceed an estimated cost of $150,000
  • that accord with any relevant guidelines

The fast track application cannot be used to obtain heritage approval following determination of an Integrated Development Application.

A section 60 fast track approval cannot be modified, except for minor administrative corrections.

Guidance material 

Refer to the section 60 fact sheet to determine if this is the correct application pathway for your proposed activities or works.

Refer to this information about activities and works that may be suitable:

Apply for a section 60 fast track approval

Complete and submit the Section 60 fast track application form

Applications are made under section 60 of the Heritage Act 1977, and approval to undertake works to a State significant heritage item, or a place with an IHO, is granted under section 63 of the Act .