Notification of discovery of a relic s146

Heritage Management System is coming! Soon you will able to lodge these notifications online. However there will be a two week transition period when we transfer over to the new system and we won't be able to receive applications and notifications during that time. Check the HMS page for more information and updates as the go live date approaches.

When relics are discovered Heritage NSW must be notified. This applies to all land in NSW, including sites where a section 60 or section 140 approval has already been issued under the Heritage Act 1977.

A ‘relic’ means any deposits, artefact, object or material evidence that:

  • relates to the settlement of the area that comprises NSW, not being Aboriginal settlement 
  • is of local or state significance.

For more information about how to assess significance refer to Assessing Significance for Historical Archaeological Sites and Relics .

Notify the discovery of a relic

Complete and submit the Discovery of a Relic Notification form

Notification of the discovery of a relic is required under section 146 of the Heritage Act 1977.