Roy Dowle

From the Roy Dowle Glass Slide Collection. Courtesy of The Oaks Historical Society

Manage your grant

This information is for projects that are approved for funding and have received and accepted a funding contract.

Reporting through SmartyGrants

All reporting for NSW Heritage Grants is done through the SmartyGrants website. 

As reporting templates become available you can access them through the acquittals section of your SmartyGrants account. If you find your form has closed contact the Grants Team to request re-opening.

If there is a new primary contact for your grant contact the Grants Team regarding a change of contact and provide the new contact details.

Approvals and permits for works - compliance

If your project relates to an item listed on the State Heritage Register and/or a declared Aboriginal Place you must obtain any approvals and/or permits under the Heritage Act 1977 and/or the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, or meet the criteria for exemption before commencing any work.

You will be asked about approvals and permits when reporting on your project. 

Note: The process of getting permits and approvals is separate to the grant application and can be started before or after you apply for the grant. Work cannot commence unless you have obtained the relevant approvals and/or permits.

Logos and funding acknowledgement

You must acknowledge the NSW Government in all program materials produced with the NSW Heritage Grants funding including heritage management documents, signage, brochures, videos, new websites, digital apps and other collateral.

We also expect the heritage grant funding to be acknowledged when referencing the project in your organisation’s annual report, website and all forms of media.

You must use this wording and the NSW Government logo on all collateral produced with the grant funding: "Proudly funded by the NSW Government."

If there is more than one funding contributor to the project, use  "Proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with [insert contributors' names in order of the value provided]".

Download the black and white NSW Government logo 

Download the colour NSW Government logo 

Contact the Heritage Grants Team if you need another file format of the logo .

See also the NSW Government guidelines for how to correctly place the logo and acknowledge grant funding. 

Additional information for local government grants

Refer to the additional information to assist local government in delivering grants for heritage advisors, small heritage grants and heritage studies. The information is for projects that are approved for funding and accepted a funding agreement.