Lithgow Blast Furnace Site credit Stuart Cohen Crop and Use for Banner Copy

Lithgow Blast Furnace Site Grant Project. Credit Stuart Cohen


Our Grants Program helps owners, custodians, managers and communities to recognise, value and care for heritage.

Heritage NSW and the Heritage Council of NSW work together to connect communities to heritage at a local and state level. One way we do this is through the Heritage Grants Program, providing grants to heritage owners and custodians, local government and the community to deliver a broad range of heritage outcomes. 


The 2019-21 Funding Round has closed.

Emergency Works Grants are open year round.

For more information on the grants currently open, what was available at the 2019-21 funding round and when the 2021-23 funding round will open go to Applying for a Grant.

Grantmaker of the Year 2019

The NSW Heritage Grants Team were awarded the Grantmaker of the Year Award 2019 by the Australian Institute of Grants Management (AIGM).  The Award is designed to unearth the people leading the field of grantmaking in Australia and their innovative ideas for the future of grantmaking.

Winners are grinners: Our Heritage Grants Team were awarded the 2019 Grantmaker of the Year.

Read about why the NSW Heritage Grants Team were chosen as winners of this prestigious award in AIGM's article on what makes a good grant maker.

Gets easier and more streamlined each year. Good interface and format. Excellent that it doesn't lose information if service drops out which happens frequently in the bush! - 2019-21 Applicant

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