Innovative uses of heritage buildings

Adaptive Reuse

We all have so much to gain from reusing our historic buildings across NSW.

Environmental, social and economic benefits make adaptive reuse an essential component of sustainable development. Underused buildings have the capacity to generate thousands of new jobs, new homes, and exciting entertainment and office spaces – they can even revitalise an entire community.

Our built environment, like our outstanding and unique natural surroundings, provide a vital link to our past, assist in celebrating our achievements, and offer a bold vision for our future. 

Protecting our built heritage and preserving our national story for future generations presents a real challenge — a challenge that is enthusiastically taken up by builders, developers, architects, community groups, heritage councils, our community and all levels of government here in Australia.

Adaptive Reuse of buildings shows us how our built heritage can be conserved through the successful mix of existing heritage structures and cutting-edge architectural design. 

We believe, the best way to preserve our heritage structures is to give them a brand-new life — let’s all contribute to a more sustainable NSW, and work towards preserving and enhancing our built environment.