Heritage Near Me - local heritage celebrations

Celebrating everything we love about local heritage.

Heritage Near Me Roadshows

The Heritage Near Me Roadshows were held across NSW with local government, heritage owners and managers and the broader community to build capacity and support local decision-making in relation to heritage.

The multi-skilled, highly mobile Heritage Near Me Roadshow team was based in metropolitan and regional centres across NSW.

The Heritage Near Me Roadshows:

  • encouraged communities to embrace their local heritage through regional events and local projects
  • assisted in the coordination of training and skill development opportunities
  • enabled communities to promote and activate their local heritage.

Four Heritage Near Me Roadshow events were held across NSW. Each event was themed and encouraged the community to embrace and recognise their diverse local heritage.


The Heritage Near Me Roadshows held four festivals. The team went to Broken Hill, up to the Clarence Valley, down to the Bega Valley, and all across Western Sydney. 

West Fest
October 2018

Boy throwing a boomerang, Rouse Hill House and Farm

A festival celebrating the culture and heritage of Western Sydney, 6-21 October 2018.


Bega Valley
September 2017

Smoking ceremony to open Bega's Biggah

The Roadshow came to the Sapphire Coast for a celebration of the Bega Valley’s unique cultural, natural and built heritage.


Clarence Valley
March 2017

Gibraltar Range National Park

The Heritage Near Me Roadshow rolled into Grafton to help celebrate the Clarence Valley’s unique story.


Broken Hill
October 2016

The Palace Hotel , Broken Hill is an iconic landmark in Far West NSW

The first Heritage Near Me Roadshow event was held as part of Broken Hill Heritage City Week, 8 - 14 October 2016.