DOC21 401225 4 Image 1. Northern elevation back with hangar doors partially open. Source Ashley Edwards 31 July 2020 Heritage NSW

WWII aeroplane hangar at Tocumwal listed on the State Heritage Register

Friday, 25 June 2021

Built in 1942 this stunning WWII aeroplane hangar at what was then ‘McIntyre Field’, was used to store and maintain B-24 Liberator bomber aircraft.

Using short lengths of local unseasoned hardwoods, the hangar is a remarkable technical and engineering achievement. At 39.6 x 98.5m hangars of this type are the longest known clear span gable shaped timber truss buildings in Australia.

McIntyre Field had been constructed by the Allied Works Council as a temporary air force base for US Air Force in response to the fear of invasion during WWII. It was later taken over by the RAAF and renamed Tocumwal Airfield.

Photo: Ashley Edwards, Heritage NSW