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Goulburn Jewish Cemetery listed on the State Heritage Register

Friday, 25 June 2021

Over the last forty years the Goulburn Jewish Cemetery has been cared for and maintained by the Sydney Jewish community and the Goulburn community working in collaboration.

By the late 1840s, Goulburn was home to the third largest Jewish community in NSW, whose members established a number of businesses which assisted Goulburn’s development as a government and rural service centre.

In 1844, the first burials took place at what was to become the site of the Goulburn Jewish Cemetery. Two sisters (Sarah and Hannah Moses) had perished while crossing the Yass River. The last interments at the small cemetery were of two Jewish WWII refugees in 1943.

Much of the Goulburn Jewish Cemetery site remains intact, including the historic half-acre curtilage, the caretaker’s cottage, the well and various monuments.

The cemetery’s importance to the understanding of the Jewish faith and its place in NSW history have resulted in its listing on the State Heritage Register, ensuring its protection in perpetuity.