Finchley Aboriginal Area Aboriginal rock engravings credit Simone Cottrell

AHIMS turns 20 and reaches 100,000 records

Monday, 12 October 2020

This year, the database of recorded Aboriginal objects and places across NSW turns 20 and reaches 100,000 records!

The Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System (AHIMS) database, which combines a number of previous manual registers dating back to 1974, broke new ground in the way the data was presented, managed, and displayed.

Revamped as AHIMS in the year 2000, the database has become an essential tool not only for Heritage NSW staff, but also for the heritage industry and members of the public, all who use AHIMS to fulfil their due diligence responsibilities under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974.

Every year AHIMS increases the number of documented Aboriginal sites across NSW as industry professionals continuously log new sites, or update data, on registered sites. It has now reached 100,000 records that contain critical and sometimes sensitive information about the State’s unique Aboriginal heritage sites and places. The data includes historic photographs, maps, oral histories, and detailed descriptions.

AHIMS plays a central role in protecting our Aboriginal Cultural Heritage for the benefit of present and future generations. Heritage NSW maintains the Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System.

Photo credit: Simone Cottrell