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Our approach to engaging our communities

Heritage NSW is here to serve our communities and achieve our mutual vision of protecting, conserving and celebrating our amazing heritage across NSW.

We provide regular opportunities for our different communities to participate in the decisions
and projects that shape and strengthen NSW heritage.

Our Heritage NSW Community Engagement Framework 2020 is currently being updated. It will be available to download in July 2020.

Our framework showcases how we consult our diverse communities on our priority projects. 

NSW is made up of many diverse communities, and as our society becomes more culturally diverse in NSW, maintaining and building strong relationships with various communities is increasingly important.

This year, our particular focus is working closer with and showcasing the many wonderful First Nations, migrant and European histories and people of NSW. 

In NSW, we come from 307 ancestries, practice 146 religions and speak more than 215 languages (Multicultural NSW)We make sure all types of voices are heard.