NBN modem

NBN modem. Credit: May Willard Heritage NSW

6. Non-significant telecommunications infrastructure

Non-significant telecommunications infrastructure

This exemption is for the upgrade or installation of telecommunication infrastructure that is not of heritage significance.

Examples of typical activities/works include:

  • increasing the size or number of antennae on an approved tower or fixing point
  • installation of new telephone and/or internet cabling
  • upgrade of a communications switchboard.

For more information on significance see the Significance and Significant Fabric fact sheet .

Standard Exemption 6. Non-significant telecommunications infrastructure

General conditions  apply to the use of all Standard Exemptions and must be complied with. 

The following specified activities/works to an item do not require approval under subsection 57(1) of the Heritage Act 1977 if the specified activities/works are undertaken in accordance with each of the relevant standards prescribed below.

Specified activities/works:

  1. Upgrade or installation of telecommunication infrastructure.
  2. Upgrade of existing telecommunication towers.

Relevant standards:

  1. Activities/works must not involve alteration to, damage to, or the removal of, significant fabric.
  2. The specified activities/works must not impact significant views to or from the item and landscape values, including landscape or archaeological features.
  3. Any excavation must comply with Standard Exemption 8: Excavation relevant standards.
  4. Any new hardware must not be attached to the primary or significant fa├žade(s) and must be discreetly located to reduce negative visual impact.
  5. Any new fabric must not obscure significant fabric or limit access to significant fabric for future maintenance.
  6. Reuse of existing fixing points in significant fabric is permitted.
  7. Existing service routes and/or conduits may be deleted if the installation can be streamlined into one existing service route, cavity or void.
  8. There is no increase in height of any existing telecommunication towers or vantage point and no more than a 20% increase in the size of the antenna array on the approved tower or fixing point.
  9. Telecommunications infrastructure must be able to be later removed without damage to the significant fabric of the item.