21. Change of use

Change of use

This exemption allows for minor changes of use that will not affect the item’s heritage significance.

Standard Exemption 21. Change of use

General conditions  apply to the use of all Standard Exemptions and must be complied with. 

The following specified activities/works to an item do not require approval under subsection 57(1) of the Heritage Act 1977 if the specified activities/works are undertaken in accordance with each of the relevant standards prescribed below.

Specified works/activities:

a. Development that is the change of use, commencement of an additional or temporary use, of land, a building or work to which a listing on the State Heritage Register applies.

Relevant standards:

b. Activities/works must not involve the alteration of fabric, layout or setting of the listed item.

c. Activities/works must not involve the carrying out of activities/ works other than that permitted by other exemptions under these standard exemptions or the Heritage Act 1977.

d. Activities/works must not involve the cessation of the primary use for which the listed item was erected, a later significant use, or the loss of significant associations with the listed item by current users.

e. Activities/works must not involve a temporary use greater than 90 calendar days (inclusive of set-up and pack-down time).