Camel Wagon Broken Hill Mosque. Credit Sarah Martin

Camel Wagon, Broken Hill Mosque. Credit: Sarah Martin Heritage NSW

17. Temporary relocation of moveable heritage items

Temporary relocation of moveable heritage items

This exemption is for temporary relocation of moveable heritage items or objects.

Examples of typical activities/works include relocation of a/an:

  • archive during cleaning of the archive’s storage facility
  • object to a conservator’s premises for the purpose of approved conservation works or repairs exempt from approval under another exemption
  • collection from storage to a display or vice versa
  • railway rolling stock for a demonstration or field day.

Permanent relocation of a movable heritage item requires approval under Section 60 of the Heritage Act.

Standard Exemption 17. Temporary relocation of moveable heritage items

General conditions  apply to the use of all Standard Exemptions and must be complied with. 

The following specified activities/works to an item do not require approval under subsection 57(1) of the Heritage Act 1977 if the specified activities/works are undertaken in accordance with each of the relevant standards prescribed below.

 Specified activities/works:

  1. The temporary relocation of moveable heritage items, including contents, fixtures and objects.

Relevant standards:

  1. The item must be identified as a moveable heritage item on the State Heritage Register or gazetted Interim Heritage Order.
  2. Relocation must only be for the purpose of ensuring the moveable heritage items’ security, maintenance or preservation, conservation or exhibition of moveable heritage items.
  3. The moveable heritage items must be returned to their location within 180 calendar days of their relocation (inclusive of packing, moving and transit time).
  4. Maintenance, preservation or conservation activities/works are not permitted under this exemption. These activities may be covered under other exemptions or may require approval.
  5. The moveable heritage items must be safely stored and adequately protected from damage during any temporary relocation.
  6. An inventory (including photos) and information about the items and their permanent location must be retained with the moveable heritage items in their temporary space.