Compliance with Conditions

Heritage Act approvals always include conditions. Sometimes the conditions are as simple as listing the approved plans and specifying the duration of the approval. Other times the conditions modify the proposal, specify timeframes or reports, or require the submission of additional documentation like photographic archival recordings or interpretation plans.

Conditions can be divided into reportable and non-reportable conditions. Reportable conditions require a submission of some sort. Submissions relating to reportable conditions are known as ‘Compliance with conditions’ by Heritage NSW. Sometimes they are referred to as ‘post approval’ documentation.

Before reporting on a condition, please ensure the information you supply fully addresses the condition.

Where multiple conditions interrelate, they should be reported on concurrently.

How to lodge documentation to satisfy conditions

There are two possible ways to submit this documentation:

Information and documentation to satisfy Compliance with Conditions needs to include:

  1. name and address of the State Heritage Register item
  2. application number and approval date
  3. condition number and a copy of the wording of the condition
  4. list of the documents being submitted to satisfy the condition
  5. copies of the all documents being submitted
  6. name of the appropriate contact person if clarification is required.