HMAS Parramatta shipwreck

The Torpedo Boat Destroyer HMAS Parramatta (I) was the first vessel built for the Commonwealth Naval Forces (forerunner of the Royal Australian Navy). Built in Govan, Scotland in 1910, Parramatta served in German New Guinea and the Pacific in WW1 and was the last known vessel to sight the lost submarine AE1.

In 1934, the line broke whilst being towed to Sydney for scrapping and Parramatta was washed ashore north of Mooney Mooney on the northern bank of the Hawkesbury River, where it remains today. The bow and stern sections were removed for memorials at Garden Island Naval Heritage Centre and Parramatta respectively.

Maritime archaeologists from the Heritage NSW have been documenting wrecks of the First RAN Fleet, including the ex HMAS vessels Parramatta (I), Swan (I), Australia (I), and submarines AE1 and AE2 since 1997. The sections of the HMAS Parramatta wreck are protected under the NSW Heritage Act 1977 and are listed on the NSW State Heritage Register.

The use of photogrammetric techniques and software is being trialled to produce 3D models to accurately record shipwrecks and other maritime heritage sites around the State. The models of the Parramatta were produced from drone and photogrammetric inspections undertaken in conjunction with the Silentworld Foundation and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. These printable models can also generate interactive flythrough presentations which are presented here, and are being used manage and interpret the site.

Stern of ex HMAS Parramatta located as a memorial in Queens Wharf Reserve in Parramatta

Wreck of ex HMAS Parramatta located in the Hawkesbury River near Moonee Moonee.

Bow of ex HMAS Parramatta located as a memorial at Naval Heritage Centre, Garden Island, Sydney