Local Government resources

Local councils and their communities are at the forefront of the vital task of conserving the local heritage of NSW.

Most of the heritage items on statutory lists in NSW are managed by local councils. This includes over 40,000 individual heritage items listed in Local Environmental Plans, and thousands of contributory items that are located in conservation areas across NSW.

Local Government Heritage Guidelines

The Local Government Heritage Guidelines have been produced to assist your council to implement these new responsibilities.

The Heritage Advisory Services Handbook is a nationally-focused guide to local government advisory services, produced by the Heritage Chairs & Officials of Australia and New Zealand.

Since February 2002 all local councils have received delegation to undertake certain approval functions of the Heritage Council of NSW. All local councils can now also make interim heritage orders.

Local Government Heritage Management

Our Grants Programs also provide funding to councils to assist with the management of heritage items in their local government area. Further information is available in our Grants section of this website to help local councils administer this funding.