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31 May 2021 marks 79 years since three Japanese Type A midget submarines crept into Sydney Harbour. Learn more about the midget submarine raid and ongoing management of M24 in this new podcast.

To coincide with the 79th anniversary, Aski Live Media together with Heritage NSW have released a new 6-part podcast series: Sydney Under Attack. 

79 years ago three Japanese Type A midget submarines crept into Sydney Harbour. Their mission was to sink or destroy as much Allied shipping moored in the Harbour as possible. It was the first and only time Sydney had come under attack.

Although the raid took the Allies completely by surprise, two of the midget submarines were destroyed almost immediately and recovered from Sydney Harbour within a week. The third submarine, the M24, managed to fire both of its torpedoes, one exploding beneath the Navy depot ship HMAS Kuttabul, killing 21 sailors. The M24 evaded capture and disappeared without a trace until it was found off the Northern Beaches by a group of recreational divers called No Frill Divers in 2006.

Since its discovery 15 years ago, the M24 submarine site has been protected as an historic shipwreck under the Commonwealth Underwater Cultural Heritage Act 2018. It is also listed on the NSW State Heritage Register under the Heritage Act 1977. The site is actively managed by Heritage NSW, Department of Premier Cabinet in consultation with the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Energy (DEE) and the Japanese Government to ensure this highly significant heritage site and grave for the two submarines’ crew are protected for future generations.