Japanese midget submarine wrecks

Other midget submarine wrecks are located at:

Pearl Harbour — a Type A midget submarine was located in about 400 metres of water off Hawaii in 2002. The vessel has been well documented by archaeologists and scientists and has been identified as Midget ‘A’, sunk by the USS Ward during the opening battle of the Pearl Harbour attack.

Remains of other midget submarines were allegedly found in coastal Oahu waters in 1992, including a tail section of a ‘Type A’ midget. These could represent parts of midgets recovered to the US for analysis during the war then dumped offshore.

Aleutians — a Type A midget submarine was surveyed by Alaska’s State Maritime Archaeologists and the US National Parks Service ashore in Kiska Harbour within the Aleutians (Alaska), during 1989. Remains of others are thought to lie submerged in the harbour.

Guadalcanal — midget wrecks are believed to lie in the Guadalcanal area, where eight submarines may have been lost, but there have been no finds to date.

New GuineaHa -28 (possibly a Type C submarine) was sunk in 1944. It lies in 20 metres of water near Kavieng and is intact.

Madagascar — part of a midget submarine, considered to have been carried by I-20 is located in only a few metres of water, sitting on a reef but heavily degraded.